Rangitāne Tū Mai Rā Trust

Voice of our People


The voice of Rangitāne whānau is critical to the development of our 130-strategy. The Trustees warmly invite you to come share your whakaaro virtually, in one of two whānau wānanga zooms being held on Sunday the 7th of August 2022; all ages are welcome; full details are as follows:

Rangitāne whānau strategy wānanga – session #1

Sun 7th Aug, 10am-12pm

Zoom link: https://kpmg-co-nz.zoom.us/j/83838835810?pwd=TWpjbE9oY0daTDlidXRwc1dVbTJpdz09

Passcode: 46824138


Rangitāne whānau strategy wānanga – session #2

Sun 7th Aug, 2pm-4pm

Zoom link: https://kpmg-co-nz.zoom.us/j/89317855352?pwd=Z09FbWxTTVN2YXNhazFsM1gxeDJsUT09

Passcode: 24007471


Although we would love to see you all, we appreciate that not all whānau will be able to attend. There will be other opportunities for you to contribute through interactive online activities planned for August – keep an eye out for these online!