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2021 Hui ā-Tau Information

The 2021 Hui ā-Tau will be delivered via Livestream. You will be able to access the Livestream via this link  On this page, you will be able to register your attendance and then proceed to the Livestream.


  • The Hui ā-Tau will start at 12:45 pm | Saturday 20 November
  • If you are unable to join the Hui ā-Tau, you can send in your apologies via
  • Questions or Matters Arising can be sent in advance to
  • On the day, there will be a question form below the Livestream. There you can submit questions. If time permits, questions will be answered on the day; if not, we will endeavour to respond to them directly.

2021 Annual Report

Click on the link to view an electronic copy of the 2021 Annual Report for viewing on your device >>