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Recently Newsroom looked into what is the driving the Maōri economy. Below is a the written extract and link to the part one video covering this topic.

What’s driving the Māori economy

The first of a series of video stories looking at the Māori economy, now a $70 billion sector 

“Nau mai haere mai ki te pakipūmeka ‘Māori economy’.

This week, Newsroom begins a six-part video series on the Māori economy.

Produced by Hinge Productions, the series is presented by Māori business analyst Joshua Hitchcock no Te Āti Awa ki Taranaki.

“This documentary takes a look into how the Māori Economy works, what drives it and makes it – and the businesses that operate within it – different from the wider New Zealand economy,” says Hitchcock.

The calculation of the Māori economy is based on its asset value. In the past 20 years, the Māori economy has grown from about $16 billion to $70b. In the past decade, the Māori asset base has been growing at 10 percent a year – much faster than the overall economy.

Part 1 of the documentary series looks at a number of the medium to large Māori enterprises that make up 20 percent of the Māori economy asset base. Iwi-owned businesses, Māori owned Trusts and companies that are growing their presence and portfolios within their Iwi takiwā (tribal areas), the broader New Zealand marketplace, and internationally.

Link to the article and video >>